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This edited volume will have two types of effect. First, at least some of chapters are directly adressing economic crisis ang will have some pioniring effect on future analyzing of what happened in 2008/09. Second, this volume can be also good start to think about things. If we only take example of Slovenian government e-portal, it has nothing in common with economic situation in Slovenia and even less in the world. But analysis can be used to think about how to reorganize e-government in order to improve efficiency and consequently how to redistubute public finances for other purposes. Also debate on European constitutionalism has nothing in common with economy. But only as far as we do not realize that the European Union is in first place economic union in which political aspects have important role in economic development.


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  • Znanstvena monografija
    Avtorji: Uroš Pinterič, Diana Camelia Iancu, Alenka Pandiloska Jurak
    Izdajatelj: Vega
    Leto izida: 2009
    Kraj izida: Ljubljana
    Število strani: 529 str.
    ISBN: 978-961-92649-3-5
    Cena: 40,00€ + poštnina

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